On 5–8 November 2015, Duck & Rabbit Projects took over NN Contemporary Art’s Project Space.

The idea behind collaborating in the Project space was to create an installation in four steps:

  1. Richard installed his paintings within the space whilst working sympathetically with the architecture and design of the Project Space. 
  2. Arlene created a new manifestation of her performative installation "In the Pink" (inspired by the artist’s childhood memories of visits to her grandparents’ village) while Richard installed his paintings.
  3. Arlene installed "In the Pink"  whilst directly responding to Richard's hung paintings in the Project space.  
  4. Richard created a new site-specific painting as a direct response to the overall presentation of both their works in the Project Space. 


​The take over was a sequence of snapshots of display situations and the works put forth by both artists created multiple dialogues among each other and resonated with the space itself.

DUCK & RABBIT PROJECTS @ NN Contemporary Project Space

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